10 Great Healthy Eating Podcasts Worth Listening To

With all the guidance available about healthy eating, it is easy to become overwhelmed by too much information. And there are so many fad diets and people offering inaccurate advice that sometimes you might wonder who to trust.

Eating well and getting the proper nutritional intake for your daily needs is crucial for your well-being. Here are some of the best podcasts to inspire and educate you.


The River Café in London has long been a hub for artists, writers, politicians, and activists. Host Ruth Rogers, who co-founded the iconic Italian restaurant, sits at Table 4, near the open kitchen, with a weekly guest. Together they explore food memories, culture, and heritage. The warmth of the host and her culinary expertise just shines through.

The conversations with guests such as Stanley Tucci, Nancy Pelosi, and David Beckham will inspire you. You may even find yourself trying out one of the favorite River Café recipes guests share in each episode.

Now into its 13th season, Food for Thought is the creation of UK nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, who runs the leading private nutrition clinic Rhitrition. Food for Thought busts through the myths and pseudo-science to offer the truth about healthy eating. Every episode is based on evidence-based advice offered up by Lambert and numerous well-being experts.

Topics such as exercise, supplements, and processed food are discussed in clear and digestible weekly discussions. You’ll learn so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle that it’s well worth the hour you spend each week. And you can find lots more advice, including recipes, on the Rhitrition website.

Dietician Christy Harrison is the host of this long-running weekly podcast, one of Apple’s top 100 Health podcasts. Like Food for Thought, Food Psych aims to shift perspectives toward food, promoting body positivity and encouraging a holistic approach to health rather than fad diets and disordered eating.

Having overcome her own issues with food, Harrison has natural empathy toward the problems people might face and is always keen to focus on self-care. Extensive notes to accompany each show are on the Food Psych website, where you will also find online courses.

Kat Rentas is a Certified Health Coach who teaches high-achieving women how to change their eating habits permanently, so that they no longer feel overwhelmed by their unhealthy approach to food. She shares her wisdom in the podcast Healthy Eating for Busy Women.

The psychology behind your approach to food, as much as what you eat, motivates Rentas. She offers straightforward solutions to help you eat healthily without falling into old habits. If you’re fed up with trying fad diets and often reach for a chocolate bar for comfort, try listening to this podcast to learn about a better approach.

Healthier Together is a wellness podcast hosted by journalist and author Liz Moody. She adopts such a welcoming approach to the varied topics she covers each week that you’ll soon feel you’re listening to a trusted friend. And this makes it easy to receive her pearls of advice and enact them in your life.

Although Healthier Together goes beyond simply covering healthy eating, it earns its place on this list by the regular coverage of nutritional health.

With episodes such as Food and Lifestyle Hacks to Beat Depression (S1 Ep 116) and Ask the Doctor: Diet and Weight Loss Myths (S1 Ep 67), you will learn much about how to cut through the misinformation and get to the truth.

Deliciously Ella is a phenomenally successful plant-based food platform that has grown over the past ten years to encompass numerous books, a restaurant, food lines in stores, an app, and this podcast, which embodies Ella’s philosophy about healthy vegan and vegetarian eating.

It goes beyond food to cover wider mental health and wellness issues in a holistic approach to health. Ella invites expert guests from related backgrounds to join the discussion.

Having just celebrated ten years of Ella’s nutritional advice, this podcast has racked up over 10 million listens. If you like what you hear, try some of the recipes on the Deliciously Ella website to get a flavor of what it’s all about.

The Happy Pear are Dave and Steve, charismatic twins from Greystones, Ireland, who are on a mission to “make fruit and veg sexy.” They are famous for Swimrise, their daily sunrise swims in the Irish Sea, and their plant-based healthy eating books, farm, shop, and café. The pair run courses and the Happy Pear YouTube channel, and this podcast is a brilliant boost if you’re considering plant-based eating.

Like many podcasts on this list, Dave and Steve invite a range of fascinating guests to explore the world of healthy eating. Subscribe for the inspirational enthusiasm with which the brothers approach life.

Health crusader Abel James, host of The Fat-Burning Man Show, lost 20 pounds in 40 days and radically improved his own health by adopting what he calls The Wild Diet. This paleo-based eating plan stimulates the body to burn fat and therefore lose weight.

The podcast is #1 in health podcasts charts in the USA and UK at the time of writing in June 2022, and the wild diet lifestyle is now finding a worldwide market of James’ intended audience: people who have tried and failed at all other approaches to weight loss.

If The Fat-Burning Man’s Wild Diet appeals, why not try these paleo diet blogs and websites for healthy and delicious recipes?

Nutrition with Judy focuses on the science and lived experience of people who have found a meat-based ketogenic diet to be a successful approach to wellness. Like many of these shows, Judy Cho, author of Carnivore Cure, interviews doctors and medical specialists, and she also provides wellness tips and health insights for everyday living.

If you are more of a seafood lover, why not try out these blogs and websites to get you into the pescatarian diet?

This is the show for you if you’re after a bite-sized podcast to listen to during a 10-minute break. Monica Reinagel takes on nutrition topics, often in response to listeners’ questions, and gives a short talk packed with sound advice to make healthy eating easier.

It’s part of the Quick and Dirty Tips range of podcasts, including Get-Fit Guy, if you want a similar approach to exercise advice.

Listen to a Food Podcast for Entertainment and Advice

If you’re in the kitchen wondering what to prepare for your meal, why not listen to one of these podcasts to keep you company? You may find fresh insights that could transform your attitude toward nutrition.

Many apps and YouTube channels can also assist you on your healthy eating journey, so you should check those out if you want more inspiration.


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