A low impact workout to build muscle

A low impact workout is an effective way to build muscle, endurance and cardiovascular fitness without putting too much stress or strain on the joints. And whether you’re a fan of the best resistance bands (opens in new tab), free weights or bodyweight exercises, making your workout low impact is still a great way to tone up.

Chartered physiotherapist Helen O’Leary says: “Low impact exercise is essentially exactly as it sounds – any type of exercise that raises the heart rate but does not include any jumping, running or impact on the joints. If you are standing you will always have one foot on the ground at any time.

Woman doing low-impact yoga exercise at home

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“It is perfect for beginners to exercise or people just returning to fitness after a break as it is a great way to give gradual and gentle progression without ‘shocking’ the body. It reduces the risk of DOMS (opens in new tab) (delayed onset muscles soreness) and injury when the body tissues are getting used to working in different ways.


Aish Barbara

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