From brushes to floss to electrical gadgets, the oral health aisle is steadily expanding. Which products are really must-haves? If you’ve walked into a drugstore lately, you’ve likely noticed the oral health aisle—everything from brushes and floss to electrical gadgets and bleaching kits—steadily expanding. But do we really need to […]

CrossFit builds strength, endurance, and skill, and is a great way to workout, trainers and coaches told Insider. To build muscle and lose fat, bodybuilding training is usually optimal, personal trainer and nutritionist Harry Smith said. However, what you enjoy and will stick to consistently is what matters most.  Read […]

Ethics statement This study design was approved by the Hirosaki University Hospital Institutional Review Board (Protocol Number Num. 2017-026). Written informed consent was obtained from all the patients in this study. All experiments were performed in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. No animal experiments were conducted in this study. […]