The rich array of daisies in my garden are now spent and faded, not nearly as fresh and vibrant as they were in the spring. So I decided to teach my grandkids how to remove (aka “deadhead”) the dried-up flowers to help direct the plant’s energy toward making new blooms. […]

There’s a seemingly endless number of dietary patterns, each one claiming to be the best for metabolic health, overall longevity, and wellbeing. Two popular ones are the Mediterranean diet and the paleo diet. They’re two distinct eating patterns, but they share some commonalities. The Mediterranean diet has long been touted […]

Teenagers have different nutritional needs than adults (1). From puberty through early adulthood, the body is in a stage of rapid growth. To support proper growth and development, teens need a steady supply of calories and nutrients on a daily basis. A diet high in nutritious foods can benefit their […]

Artichokes contain a lot of instant nutritional perks as well as potential long-term health benefits. They’re also extremely versatile when it comes to cooking options. Plenty of folks have never thought to eat an artichoke, mostly because it has kind of a strange look and an even stranger name. Fair. […]

To help women in all phases of menopause – including perimenopause – avoid unwanted weight gain, a Texas-based obstetrician-gynecologist created the Galveston diet. Perimenopause occurs during the six to 10 years in a woman’s life before her last menstrual period, says Dr. Mary Claire Haver, the physician who created the […]