Protein often steals the show in the world of sports nutrition. But without these muscle-supporting micronutrients, you’d be taking the daily struggle bus to the gym. Vitamin D Did you know that muscle weakness and cramps are signs of vitamin D deficiency? That doesn’t mean a bad day at the […]

Many people are under the impression that the best way to build lean muscle is to work out. While it’s true that challenging your body through physical activity is important for building muscle, if you do not have the appropriate nutritional support, your progress will stall. Therefore, both nutrition and […]

CrossFit builds strength, endurance, and skill, and is a great way to workout, trainers and coaches told Insider. To build muscle and lose fat, bodybuilding training is usually optimal, personal trainer and nutritionist Harry Smith said. However, what you enjoy and will stick to consistently is what matters most.  Read […]