People who experience a buildup of debris and gunk between their toes may have “toe jam.” Toe jam may have one of several causes and is usually easy to treat. Many factors can cause toe jam, ranging from lint from socks and poor hygiene to fungal infections and underlying health […]

It’s no surprise to dental professionals that a healthy mouth is critical to overall health and wellness. But could a healthy mouth also lead to healthier eyes? Emerging research suggests that infection and inflammation may travel between the mouth and the eyes. Dental hygienists are poised to offer valuable education […]

Buck teeth, or protruding front teeth, describe a type of bite issue where the top row of teeth overlaps with the bottom row. In severe cases, it may result in health problems and require treatments to help align the teeth. With many people calling it an overbite, buck teeth refer […]

COVID-19 is predominantly a respiratory disease. But many people have reported symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system, including those affecting the mouth. There’s still a lot to learn about the connection between COVID-19 and a variety of different symptoms. But some studies on how and why COVID-19 and dental […]

Parents can help make toothbrushing a comfortable, enjoyable experience for children with special health care needs. (Image: AdobeStock) This is the first of a two-part series offering dental tips to the parents of children with special health care needs.   The texture of a toothbrush’s bristles can be enough to make […]

There’s nothing like the gleam of bright, white, clean teeth after going to the dentist. Though getting that same result daily can be hard to recreate. The good news is that you can get super-clean feeling teeth at home using the best water flossers and waterpiks. A water flosser (a.k.a. […]