Getting your wisdom teeth removed can help prevent complications like tooth decay, crowding, and impaction. But this procedure, which removes the third molars that usually come in around ages 17 to 21, does carry some risks of its own. Following your doctor’s instructions while you recover from wisdom teeth removal […]

Experts offer tips and information you may not know about dental health. Here’s something to smile about: Canadian’s oral health has improved significantly over the past 40 years, and we now rank fifth in the world in terms of access to dental care, according to the Canadian Dental Association. Still, […]

It’s a morning routine familiar for many of us: Get that mouth clean immediately after breakfast by using a harsh toothpaste applied by an abrasive toothbrush, followed by a rinse with a mouthwash so strong it makes you wince. Dr. Kami Hoss winces, too, when he hears patients describe these […]

Dental hygiene appointments are so much more than “just a cleaning.” Comprehensive care involves many components beyond scaling and polishing. In many cases, hygienists see a patient more than any other member of the dental team. We build relationships and see conditions and patterns as we collect important patient information. […]

Practicing as a dental hygienist right out of school is not easy, no matter what position(s) you may have previously held in the dental office. You’ve studied very hard and passed many exams, including the National Board exam and clinical exam. Yet there’s so much you don’t know in your […]