Here Are The Reasons Why You Must Include Bitter Gourd In Your Diet

Bitter gourd helps in weight loss and reduces the blood sugar level among various other benefits.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Must Include Bitter Gourd In Your Diet

Adding bitter gourd to your diet improves digestion

Most of us have always cringed with the name of karela, right? Bitter gourd, also commonly known as karela, never goes in sync with what our tastebuds like. During childhood days, we wouldn’t eat it, maybe because of its bitter taste and the way it’s usually prepared. However, growing up and facing certain health issues made us realise and understand the importance of such healthy vegetables like karela. Bitter gourd helps in weight loss and reduces the blood sugar level. Also, if it’s made properly, it can taste delicious. Need more motivation to include karela in your diet? This post on Nutrition by Lovneet’s page will help you.

The caption states, “Bitter gourd might have gained a negative reputation because of its extremely bitter and unpleasant taste but it is also considered as a valuable vegetable and serves as a healthy addition to your diet.”

Here are some health wonders of karela you should not overlook and consider eating.

1. Maintains digestive health

Bitter gourd is packed with cellulose, which ultimately improves digestion and helps prevent issues like dyspepsia and constipation by adding to your daily dietary requirement of fibre. Also, karela has anthelmintic compounds that can kill infectious worms in your stomach.

2. Help reduce Sugar levels

Karela contains a few chemicals like glycoside, charantin, vicine, karavilosides, and polypeptide-p (plant insulin). These help in improving blood sugar levels by raising the glucose uptake and synthesis of glycogen in the liver, fat, and muscle cells.

3. Liver Cleanser

Bitter gourd is liver-friendly and detoxifies. It boosts liver enzymes and many people may not know but it’s also a good cure for a hangover. Bitter gourd reduces alcohol deposits on the liver.

Take a look:

So, just in case, if you have been avoiding bitter gourd all through, hope these health benefits convinced you enough to include them in your diet. Karela may taste bad, however, its properties will always be beneficial to your body. 

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