Monsoon Health Tips: How To Make Neem Tea To Prevent Seasonal Diseases

Every season comes with its own share of pros and cons. Take the ongoing monsoon season for instance. Besides the rainfall and soothing weather, it also brings along several diseases that often become concerning for all. Cold, flu, gut infection etc are few of the most common seasonal health issues we face. This is why, health experts suggest tweak in our daily diet to keep up with the season and our overall health. When we say tweak in the diet, the first thing that comes to our mind is inclusion of seasonal fruits and vegetables. While the goodness of seasonal produce can’t be denied, we also need to include several other ingredients that are enriched with essential nutrients. One such amazing ingredient is neem leaf.

In India, neem has been a part of our traditional medical practice for ages. It is loaded with antiseptic and anti-viral properties that help heal wounds (both internal and external). According to the book ‘Ayurveda For All: Effective Ayurvedic Self Cure for Common and Chronic Ailments’, neem helps balance our ‘vata’ or neuromascular disorders. It further helps flushing out toxins from blood and enhances the activity of free radical scavenging.

Considering these benefits, celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal shared a healthy neem tea recipe that might help prevent several seasonal diseases during the monsoon season.

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Monsoon Healthcare: 5 Health Benefits Of Neem Tea:

Boost Immunity:

As mentioned earlier, neem leaves are loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antiseptic properties. These factors help prevent free radical damages in our body, further promoting immune health.

Promote Gut-Health:

Neem is a rich source of fibre. Regular consumption of neem (here: in form of neem tea) is known to help promote digestion and bowel movement, further cleansing our gut and destroying excess bacteria in the intestinal region.

Manage Diabetes:

Neem tea has good amount of flavonoids, antioxidants, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are known to ensure there is no surge in glucose. Several studies further state that neem might help control diabetic symptoms on non-insulin dependent diabetics.

Manage Heart Health:

According to, studies showed that regular consumption of neem leaf might help manage cholesterol levels in our body. Besides, the ingredient is also known to promote immediate decrease in blood pressure, lasting for several hours. These factors further help manage overall heart health.

Prevent Liver Problems:

Neem tea may also help promote liver health. It is said that neem’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are known to help fight oxidative stress in our body. This can further help prevent several liver-related issues.

Monsoon Recipe: How To Make Neem Tea – Munmun Ganeriwal Shares Recipe:

  • In 1.5 cup of water, add 4-5 neem leaves ad half-inch ginger (crushed).
  • Boil for 5-10 minutes.
  • Strain in a cup, mix some honey and take a sip. Diabetics may avoid adding honey.

Watch the complete recipe video of neem tea below:

Try the healthy drink and “rainproof your health this monsoon,” states nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. Happy Monsoons!

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