Practicing as a dental hygienist right out of school is not easy, no matter what position(s) you may have previously held in the dental office. You’ve studied very hard and passed many exams, including the National Board exam and clinical exam. Yet there’s so much you don’t know in your […]

CrossFit builds strength, endurance, and skill, and is a great way to workout, trainers and coaches told Insider. To build muscle and lose fat, bodybuilding training is usually optimal, personal trainer and nutritionist Harry Smith said. However, what you enjoy and will stick to consistently is what matters most.  Read […]

To build muscle mass, it’s a given that you need to take in more calories than your body is burning, roughly around 2500-3000 calories are needed to build up one pound of muscles. That muscle mass is also used to support your protein turnover naturally increased by training.  For building […]