New and exciting technologies are entering the dentistry field every day. Everything from 3D printers to photogrammetry are helping dentists perform new procedures that improve the lives of patients. However, one tool for improving a dental practice’s communication is not new technology. I’m talking about two-way radios.  “Two-way […]

From brushes to floss to electrical gadgets, the oral health aisle is steadily expanding. Which products are really must-haves? If you’ve walked into a drugstore lately, you’ve likely noticed the oral health aisle—everything from brushes and floss to electrical gadgets and bleaching kits—steadily expanding. But do we really need to […]

Dental and oral wellbeing is an important part of your general health and well-being. Bad habits regarding oral cleanliness can prompt dental problems and gum infections and are likewise connected to coronary illness, disease, and diabetes. Maintaining oral hygiene is a lifetime responsibility. The sooner one learns to follow steps […]

COVID-19 is predominantly a respiratory disease. But many people have reported symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system, including those affecting the mouth. There’s still a lot to learn about the connection between COVID-19 and a variety of different symptoms. But some studies on how and why COVID-19 and dental […]

Parents can help make toothbrushing a comfortable, enjoyable experience for children with special health care needs. (Image: AdobeStock) This is the first of a two-part series offering dental tips to the parents of children with special health care needs.   The texture of a toothbrush’s bristles can be enough to make […]