With all the guidance available about healthy eating, it is easy to become overwhelmed by too much information. And there are so many fad diets and people offering inaccurate advice that sometimes you might wonder who to trust. Eating well and getting the proper nutritional intake for your daily needs […]

For people with depression, fueling your body with high-quality nutrition can literally help change your life for the better, according to a slew of studies. “What you choose to put into your body will influence how you feel both physically and mentally,” says Leigh Merotto, a registered dietitian in private practice in […]

May 04, 2022 9:00 AM Author: University of Utah Health Communications Información en español Teenagers often have strong emotional reactions accompanied by feelings of being frustrated, overwhelmed, moody, tired, and angry. As a parent, how can you tell if physical and psychological stressors have led your teen to resort to […]