Full disclosure: The fastest way to bulk up your muscle mass will always be by lifting really heavy stuff. Overloading your muscle fibers causes micro tears, and during the healing of those tears, your body produces bigger, tougher muscle fibers in response — hence, a bigger muscle. But size is […]

Many people are under the impression that the best way to build lean muscle is to work out. While it’s true that challenging your body through physical activity is important for building muscle, if you do not have the appropriate nutritional support, your progress will stall. Therefore, both nutrition and […]

Nutrition is just as important as training if you want to get bigger, so how do you eat to gain muscle? Muscles grow through progressive overload; when you apply stress to your muscles fibres they experience microscopic damage which, during the repair process, makes muscles bigger and stronger. Our bodies are good […]

Share on PinterestScientists are working on new treatments to combat muscle loss and prevent obesity in aging humans. Drazen_/Getty Images Sarcopenic obesity is a condition that involves age-related muscle loss accompanied by obesity. Sarcopenic obesity can decrease the quality of life and increase an individual’s risk of hospitalization and death. […]

Men can expect to build 35-45 pounds of muscle over their lifetime, and women can expect 20-25 pounds. How easily we build muscle depends on hormones, muscle fibers, and starting body size, personal trainer Mike Matthews said. After the first year of training, muscle growth slows down significantly. Loading Something […]