Share on PinterestNew research explores the health benefits of the so-called Nordic diet. Morten Falch Sortland/Getty Images Researchers investigated the health effects of a healthy Nordic diet (HND) using metabolic analysis. They found that the diet positively affects glucose metabolism, cholesterol, and cardiometabolic risk. They conclude that metabolic analysis is […]

Making healthy food choices is important at any age, but as you get older, it becomes critical to keep up with how your body’s nutritional needs change. Nutrition becomes much more than just watching calories. During National Nutrition Month, Michelle Cole, R.D., LDN, CDE, the director of FirstHealth’s Diabetes & […]

New and exciting technologies are entering the dentistry field every day. Everything from 3D printers to photogrammetry are helping dentists perform new procedures that improve the lives of patients. However, one tool for improving a dental practice’s communication is not new technology. I’m talking about two-way radios.  “Two-way […]

Dental and oral wellbeing is an important part of your general health and well-being. Bad habits regarding oral cleanliness can prompt dental problems and gum infections and are likewise connected to coronary illness, disease, and diabetes. Maintaining oral hygiene is a lifetime responsibility. The sooner one learns to follow steps […]