The Best Cannabis-Infused Spa Treatments in Thailand

Thailand is catering to the rising popularity of the cannabis plant in the wellness industry by introducing cannabis-infused spa treatments. Here are the best ones to book. 

Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and pain reduction elements, the medicinal properties of cannabis go beyond tranquility. Legalised merely a few years ago in Thailand, cannabis has been in the spotlight – more so recently – for its medicinal benefits. It’s been brought to the forefront of alternative therapies as part of the recent decriminalisation of certain parts of the plant.  

Consequently, as cannabis continues its journey of destigmatisation and rises through the ranks in the health and wellness industry, spas across Thailand have duly responded. Should you wish to treat yourself to a cannabis-infused treatment, here is a curated list of the best treatments in Bangkok and beyond. 

Cannabis-Infused Treatments in Thailand 

‘Cannabis Stress-Release Journey’ at Anantara Spa

cannabis-infused treatments Thailand
Image credit: Anantara Spa

Back in November 2021, Anantara Spa launched a cannabis-infused treatment menu, the first of its kind in the kingdom. The pioneering menu comprises of three spa treatments: ‘Restful Slumber Journey,’ ‘Cannabis Stress-Release Journey,’ and ‘Head to Toe Calming Journey.’ We recommend the second treatment as this is ideal for individuals suffering from office syndrome or any pain similar to it. The 90-minute ‘Cannabis Stress-Release Journey’ unfurls any tensed muscle knots along the neck, the shoulder, and the spine. This is achieved by utilising a cannabis-infused traditional Thai herbal compress ball, the Luk Pra Kob. 

The treatment is priced at THB 3,100. Discover more here.

‘Cannabis Relax and Restore Massage’ at The Oriental Spa

Image credit: The Oriental Spa

Next, we’ve got The Oriental Spa’s ‘Cannabis Relax and Restore Massage.’ Situated within the prestigious Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, this cannabis-infused treatment is now the spa’s signature treatment. The two-hour anti-inflammatory therapeutic treatment is designed for muscle fatigue relief by incorporating a warm herbal poultice consisting of medicinal Thai herbs, cannabis extract oil, as well as fresh and dry cannabis leaves. All in all, the treatment espouses overall relaxation.  

The treatment is priced at THB 6,500. Discover more here. 

‘The Ultimate ERB Green soothing Massage’ at Erb Spa

cannabis-infused treatments Thailand
Image credit: Erb Spa

Luxury organic spa Erb Spa offers one treatment under the ‘Cannabis Massage Therapy’ menu. ‘The Ultimate ERB Green soothing Massage’ implements extract oil from cannabis and combines it with Erb’s special formula, one that stimulates fat burning. Rather than stress relief and muscle fatigue relief, this treatment pivots on lifting and tightening the body, and removing toxins and residues in the body, resulting in radiant skin.

This treatment is priced at THB 2,900. Discover more here.

‘Restful Slumber Journey’ at Avani+ Mai Khao Phuket

Image credit: Anantara Spa

If you take a trip to the south of Thailand and you’re looking to unwind at the spa, we recommend the Avani+ Mai Khao Phuket’s cannabis-infused treatment, ‘Restful Slumber Journey.’ A 90-minute antidote designed for travellers, this treatment is a wind-down comprising of four aspects: a cannabis foot ritual, a cannabis salt-laden bath, a full-body cannabis-infused massage, and a cup of cannabis tea. 

This treatment is priced at THB 4,000++. Discover more here. 

The Best Cannabis-Infused Spa Treatments in Thailand

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