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Your heart being one of the most important organs of your body requires special care in every season and monsoon is no exception. The rainy season brings its own set of problems along with it and there is a steep rise in bacterial, viral and fungal infections due to humid weather. Our body functions are better when our immunity is high and the best way to boost heart health is to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and wholegrains and adding a variety of healthy protein sources like legumes, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. (Also read: 6 habits that can curb a heart attack)

People who have a history of congenital heart issues or endocarditis; inflammation of the heart’s chambers and valves due to bacterial or fungal infections in the bloodstream, should follow these tips by Dr Shivali Ahlawat – Lab Director, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd to take care of their heart and overall health in monsoon to prevent heart attacks and other heart illnesses.

1. Increase your Vitamin intake

Monsoon is the most favourable time for viruses and infections due to the humid weather conditions. Viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections are prevalent. It is important to enhance your immunity by increasing your Vitamin C intake i.e., fresh green vegetables, sprouts, oranges, are great sources of Vitamin C-rich diet.

2. Choose healthy probiotic foods


Our gut health impacts our overall health and that is because of the presence of healthy microorganisms that live in the digestive system to assist your health. Probiotic foods like yoghurt, homemade pickles, and buttermilk promote your gut health and improve nutrient absorption.

3. Avoid eating raw foods outdoors

Food items sold outdoors shall be strictly avoided. Street kiosks certainly lack hygiene and sanitation. They are the perfect incubators to attract various unfavourable microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to open air, the more they are likely to become home to them.

4. Add disinfectant to the water

Strolling in the rain can be fun. However, the more you are exposed to rain, higher the chances of attracting millions of microorganisms. It is advisable to add disinfectant to your bathing water to help you eliminate germs.

5. Seasonal Fruits? Yes!

Seasonal fruits(Unsplash)

Fruits are a great source of enriching health and contain significant nutrition values. One can choose from a plethora of seasonal fruits such as cranberries, pears, custard apple, etc. Ensure the foods are high in water content and fibre. Additionally, papaya and bananas too have substantial fibre content.

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